Since founding her eponymous practice in 2006, Frida Escobedo has developed a distinctive approach driven by the conviction that architecture and design represent, above all, a crucial means to interrogate and comment on social, economic, and political phenomena. In this formulation, art, both contemporary and historical, serves as an indispensable touchstone. Defying the traditional boundaries of the architectural discipline, the studio's creative output operates at a wide array of scales and mediums, encompassing buildings and experimental preservation projects, temporary installations and public sculpture, limited edition objects, publications and exhibition designs. Informed by an unmistakable material sensibility and intuitive feeling for pattern, Escobedo's work is at once unmistakably architectural, and yet frequently blurs the boundary between architecture and art.


Current team

Federica Lombardi

José María Gómez de León

Héctor Arce

Yetzi Tafoya

Gustavo Silva

Rogelio Morales

Iva Keselicová


Media & Visual


Daniela Ramírez

Romain Roy-Pinot



Ixchel Abarca



Former team members

Natalia Gálvez

Mariana Ríos

Olivier Bellflamme

Antonio Zarco

Javier Rocamonde

Valentina Merz

Carlos Hernández

Andrés Harvey

Matthew Kennedy

Mads Bjørn Christiansen

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